Fresh Tomatoes Staying Fresher

Fresh Tomatoes Staying Fresher

ConnectedFresh helping thousands of people a day enjoy better and fresher tomatoes.

VMP Produce is a wholesale produce distributor in St. Louis, Missouri. Although a new business on St. Louis Produce Row, they bring 50 years of industry knowledge and know how to the market. Even though old dogs can’t learn new tricks, old business men can. Once the owners of VMP Produce saw for themselves that the struggle with temperature monitoring was over, they were quick to have their entire facility “sensor-ed” by ConnectedFresh.

Using a combination of 3G and Radio sensors we are able to monitor the temperature of VMP Produce’s different coolers. One of the fun challenges on this success was the nature of the buildings at St. Louis Produce Row. Orginial constructed in the 1950’s, before the internet or cell phones, the buildings are concrete and steal. Which, can be a nightmare for radio and cell phone frequencies.  By using a mix of technology solutions, ConnectedFresh was able to achieve where others have failed!

Years in industry can cause people to do today what they did yesterday. For the most part they are right. We are not some technology dorks telling you how to run your business. We are technology dorks making your life easier. ConnectedFresh is looking to make those task easier, faster and cheaper. Contact us to see if you can be a success story too!

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