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Get back your nights. Get back your weekends.

Protect your product, wherever you are.

Hassle-Free Remote Temperature Monitoring

Simply log in to your dashboard to view and monitor all of your cooler units at once, wherever you are.

Monitor changes to your cooler units in real time

Increase produce quality and decrease waste

Immediate alerts of problematic areas

Who We Are

We have been in the produce business for generations and we understand the importance to both you and your customers that each and every product is handled safely throughout your cold chain.

Built on a career in technology consulting services, ConnectedFresh knows the industries and the technology intimately, allowing us to provide specialized and reliable service to those we serve. Our team members are experts specializing in the Internet of Things space, generating best-in-class solutions in sensor monitoring.

Based out of Produce Row in St. Louis, MO with additional teams in Los Angeles, CA, our fantastic team is excited to work with you on enhancing your cold chain through remote monitoring solutions. Let’s chat!

How it Works

Long Term Trends

Automatically track of your refrigeration controlled units' temperature record over time

Custom Notifications

Let the ConnectedFresh dashboard alert you with custom notifications of a temperature devation

Stay Connected

Check temperatures for any unit, remotely, 24/7

Third Party Validated

ConnectedFresh temperature data can be shared with vendors or customers to prove the master temperature record of your refrigerated coolers

Email Notifications

Receive notifications when your environment changes

Works With Any Device

Login remotely 24/7 using your cell phone, tablet or PC

Start Protecting Your Product Today