How it works

The ConnectedFresh platform securely reads temperature data from sensors installed in your units.

Self Install Option

Now Available!

One Wired Gateway can have to 1000’s wireless sensors. When ordering make sure to have a wired gateway.

Long Term Trends

Keeping track of your refrigerated units over time.

Email Notifications

Receive notifications when your environment changes

Stay Connected

Check temperatures remotely using ConnectedFresh

Third Party Validated

ConnectedFresh sensor data can be used with vendors and customers to prove the status of your refrigerated coolers

Customs Alarms

For each cooler, control the temperature when an alert is triggered

Your Device

Login remotely using your cell phone, tablet or from your PC

 Start your 3 month, 3 device base program now!

¬† We’ll come over, install and configure 3 units, and let you try it all out.