Manual temperature logs waste over 900 hours per location, per year.

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✔ 3-8 year battery life using LoRaWAN
✔ Connect to gateway, not direct to network
✔ Encryption in transit and at rest
✔ Wide range of sensor types


✔ Hierarchy based dashboards
✔ Live and historical data on any device
✔ Unlimited seats with role-based access
✔ Automated reports and data export


✔ Notifications when you need be alerted
✔ Email, SMS, phone calls, Slack and more
✔ Smart rules report alert severity
✔ Escalation paths for alert methods

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Our Culinary Director was notified that one of our kitchens coolers was running warm. When he arrived at the location, he walked right up the unit and found a tub inside was keeping the door from closing. Our location Kitchen Manager was blown away that the CD knew that there was a problem. A problem that since the unit wasn't "broken", we'd have never found.

Steve B
Lock 27 Brewing

It's hard to imaging we had guys going around with clipboards all these years. Now I can see all of my live and old temperatures across all of my locations. Plus, I know they are actually accurate.

Scott M
Facilities Manager

After working with ConnectedFresh for a few months, I discovered that my beloved wine fridge was running about 5 degrees warmer than the display said. It turns out the door had issues preventing it from properly closing.

As a wine professional, I know how important proper wine storage is so I was very upset to discover this! Luckily, ConnectedFresh came to my rescue and I am confident that my wines are now stored at the proper temperature.

Casleah H
Sommelier and Wine Maker

With all of the challenges of one of the largest events of the year, it was reassuring to know that our coolers were being watched for us by ConnectedFresh.

Mike F
Levy Restaurants

ConnectedFresh saved my a**. A few weeks after we were set up I got an alert that our cooler was above temperature. I went down to the shop and found that someone had left the door open just before we closed up for our weekend. If I didn't have these notifications, I would have come in and had an entire cooler lost.

Charles S.
Food Safety Manager

Through the use of ConnectedFresh we have been able to show our warehouse team how much room there was for improvement in keeping the walk-in  cooler doors closed on a more consistent basis to preserve the produce that comes through our warehouse daily.  

Thanks to that data, we've seen energy usage decrease significantly especially during the winter months.
Additionally, we have had some power outages which ConnectedFresh alerted us to immediately, otherwise we would not have been know until the team returned from the weekend/holidays.

Amir Z
Managing Director, Wholesale Recovery Program

We failed a health inspection because a cooler was above temp. Now I personally know that my temperatures are always in check - if they aren't I'll be notified. Thanks.

Jack D
Executive Chef

Our Solutions

Temperature Logging
Manual temperature logs are a thing of the past. Automated data logging, instant alerts, and actionable insights are made easy.
Energy Consumption
Is an asset drawing too much power? Simple asset health and usage monitoring, no electrician required.
Leak Detection
Water sensors can dramatically lessen the impact of plumbing-related problems by sending alerts the moment water is detected.
Kitchen Air Quality
Indoor air quality is an important health and safety indicator. Monitoring current levels and trends helps identify equipment issues and impacts to guest experiences.

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