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temperature logging, 42 degreestemperature logging, 42 degrees
Monitoring solutions for temperature, energy, doors, leaks, and more.
Low power IoT sensors delivered pre-configured and ready to go.
Immediately receive alerts of issues before they become problems.
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Our platform

Temperature Logging

Step into the future of temperature monitoring with our cutting-edge system, eliminating manual logs and liberating your team from the daily grind of tracking cooler temperatures.

Energy Consumption

Uncover potential equipment issues seamlessly as our system transforms power consumption into a dynamic indicator, eliminating the risk of oversight and providing a proactive solution to safeguard your operations.

Leak Detection

Detect and address leaks promptly with our small wireless water sensors strategically placed in high-risk areas, instantly signaling issues and notifying the right team members for swift resolutions.

Kitchen Air Quality

Elevate workplace health and safety with a focus on indoor air quality. Advanced air quality monitoring for restaurants to ensure the safety and well-being of customers and employees.

In Transit Temperature

Enhance product quality in transit with ConnectedFresh's temperature sensors, minimizing the risk of foodborne illness and reducing wastage for food and beverage companies.

Warehouse Temperature

Safeguard your business from the financial strain of workers' compensation claims and litigation processes by ensuring accurate and efficient monitoring, minimizing the risk of serious temperature-related illnesses.

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How to get started in 3 simple steps

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We’ll quickly chat about your environment and needs, then tailor a successful automation solution for you and your team.

Preparation, Icon

Our team will pre-configure your devices and alert parameters to your unique specifications. Everything will arrive preconfigured and ready to go.

Design, Icon

When your ConnectedFresh box arrives, plug in the gateway and turn on the devices. That's it... really. You're up and running and real-time data is already flowing!

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