Leak Detection

Water sensors can dramatically lessen the impact of plumbing-related problems by sending alerts the moment water is detected.
Leak Detection

The problem

Leaks often go unnoticed until it's too late, requiring costly and urgent resolutions.
  • Standing or dripping water can be both an operational nightmare as well as a liability.
  • Damage can occur to equipment, assets, and can have structural implications.
  • Small issues can quickly become larger without quick identification and resolution.
  • Plumbing and restoration service can require temporary closure.
  • Leaks have a direct correlation to higher utility costs.
Calling an emergency plumbing service during the middle of a busy day can quickly become an operational nightmare.

The solution

Small wireless water detection sensors are placed in higher risk areas (i.e. under sinks, behind equipment, etc.). When the sensor is met with water, it creates a circuit which signals that there may be an issue. Notifications are immediately sent to the right team members to take a look and verify if there is an issue.

By detecting water the moment it is present, we are able to immediately identify issues before they become full problems.
  • Batteries can last months or years on one charge
  • Devices will send a health signal daily to validate that they are ready to detect water
  • Trends are easily visible and historical data can be viewed at any time
  • Dashboards are accessible 24/7 from any device, in real time
  • Data is fully secure, and devices do not connect directly to your network

ConnectedFresh solutions are always 'on-and-go', preconfigured and ready to work right out of the box.

Steps to implement

Let us do what we do best. Implementing IoT solutions should be incredibly easy for you.

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