Door Analytics

Track your door’s status with automated monitoring for improved safety, efficiency, and facility management
Door Analytics

The Problem

Doors can often be forgotten and left wide open or ajar, leading to increased energy consumption, temperature loss from refrigerators, or risks from pests.
  • Open doors can lead to increased risks from pests entering the facilities
  • Refrigerators can be prone to temperature loss from doors that are left open
  • Equipment such as coolers can be prone to increased energy consumption trying to maintain an optimal temperature due to open doors.
Having increased equipment issues simply due to a door cracked open can be a big strain and nuisance on daily operations.

The Solution

Small door sensors with magnetic connectors that indicate a door’s open / close status based on the attachment of the sensor from the door to the wall. Door sensors will automatically track and upload door status data to your dashboard and can notify you if a door is left open based on your chosen timeframe.

Automated door sensors can help us take our mind off of preventable issues and help us focus on providing our customers a comfortable and welcoming experience
  • Batteries last many years on a single charge
  • Trends are easily visible and historical data can be viewed at any time
  • Dashboards are accessible 24/7 from any device, in real time
  • Data is fully secure, and devices do not connect directly to your network

ConnectedFresh solutions are always 'on-and-go', preconfigured and ready to work right out of the box.

Steps to implement

Let us do what we do best. Implementing IoT solutions should be incredibly easy for you.

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