Custom Solutions

ConnectedFresh can create custom IoT solutions for clients using a variety of sensors to identify issues before they become problems and help businesses save time and resources.
Custom Solutions

ConnectedFresh is a company that provides IoT monitoring services to businesses in a variety of industries, including hospitality, retail, and more. Our team has decades of experience working for top consulting firms, solving IoT use cases for global Fortune companies. We specialize in creating custom solutions for our clients, using sensors or combinations of sensors to solve specific problems.

One example of how we use sensors to create custom solutions is in the hospitality industry. For example, a restaurant may want to ensure that their walk-in cooler is maintaining the correct temperature, and that there are no issues with the door or energy consumption that could be causing the cooler to work harder than necessary. By combining temperature sensors with door sensors and energy consumption sensors, we can create a solution that monitors all of these factors and alerts the appropriate team member if there is an issue.

There are many different types of sensors that can be used in custom solutions like this, including:

  • Temperature sensors: These sensors can be used to monitor the temperature of refrigerators, freezers, and other areas where temperature is critical. By automating the process of taking temperature readings, businesses can save time and resources, and ensure that their products are stored at the optimal temperature.
  • Humidity sensors: These sensors can be used to monitor the humidity of an area, which is important for a variety of products, including food, wine, and more. By alerting the appropriate team member if the humidity falls outside of the optimal range, businesses can prevent damage and ensure the quality of their products.
  • Door sensors: These sensors can be used to monitor the opening and closing of doors, which is important for a variety of applications, including energy management and security. By alerting the appropriate team member if a door is left open for an extended period of time, businesses can save energy and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Energy consumption sensors: These sensors can be used to monitor the energy consumption of equipment, such as refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioning units. By alerting the appropriate team member if energy consumption is higher than expected, businesses can identify and address issues before they become a problem, and reduce operating costs.

By using a combination of sensors, we can create a solution that is tailored to the specific needs of our clients, and helps them to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in learning more about how ConnectedFresh can create a custom solution for your business, we would be happy to set up a quick chat to discuss your needs in more detail.

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