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We're ConnectedFresh and we strive to be your partner, not just another subscription. We'll be here 100% of the way through your onboarding journey and every moment after when you need any help.

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Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you. We'll need to collect some information from you to get you onboarded, but once you receive your equipment and beyond, it'll be smooth sailing for everyone/anyone on your team.

Here is the process:

  1. Click here to setup a quick discussion so we can learn more about you and make sure you have what you need (without trying to upsell you).
  2. We'll send you an estimate or an invoice, depending on where you are with your decision. We'll also make sure you know the terms in our standard Service Agreement.
  3. We'll be off and away pre-configuring your solution and sending you your new equipment. Everything is completely pre-configured when you open the box, so anyone on your team can get started placing sensors.

Any questions? We're here the whole time.

You'll be set up with a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). This team member is your go-to person for whatever you need, at no additional cost to you. Email/text/call - however we can help make you more successful.

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