ConnectedFresh Delivers Immediate Value to Lock 27 Brewing

Success Story
October 2, 2022

Lock 27 Brewing engaged ConnectedFresh to deliver a temperature monitoring system for their facilities. Focused on being 'Authentically Different', Lock 27 delivers high quality brews that are carefully crafted with different takes on traditional beer styles.

ConnectedFresh delivers value-driven operations use cases to hospitality customers. Built on AWS, these solutions enable teams to be more accurate in their reporting and data collection, more efficient with their time and labor, and realize significant savings by being operationally proactive, fixing issues before they become problems. Use cases include temperature and humidity monitoring, energy efficiency monitoring, remaining useful life estimation, leak detection, and much more.


As Lock 27 Brewing was growing, they had no way to collect and view their data digitally, especially in real time. Their most pressing example was with temperature monitoring. Like most other hospitality teams, they were taking manual logs that were not digitized, meaning they could only operate in a reactive state to a cooler going down or temperature rising due to other external issues. This costs hospitality teams considerable time, labor, and hard dollars.


ConnectedFresh delivered a preconfigured sensor solution, allowing the Lock 27 team to get started immediately. The team simply had to turn the equipment on and it was already connecting. The sensors delivered are rated to work for 5-10 years on one charge inside of their coolers and other environments.

When something goes out of range, the Lock 27 team will immediately be notified to fix the issue before it becomes a problem.


The Lock 27 team immediately saw results. After a few days of the system being turned on, they received a notification that temperature was out of range, and they were able to investigate proactively to fix the issue before it became a problem. Annual savings due to labor productivity near $30,000 and savings of potential losses of product are measured in thousands of dollars.

Our Culinary Director was notified that one of our kitchens coolers was running warm. When he arrived at the location, he walked right up the unit and found a tub inside was keeping the door from closing. Our location Kitchen Manager was blown away that the CD knew that there was a problem. A problem that since the unit wasn't "broken", we'd have never found.

As a small/midsize business, having remote managed sensors that are easy to administer have provided us with capabilities usually reserved for much larger organizations.  Our ability to “see” our critical refrigeration equipment helps us to identify problems before they happen and get preventative actions scheduled.  

It’s not about the alerts when things have already broken.  It’s about being able to see the performance over time and address issues early.  Are the door seals going bad?  Is the unit overloaded?  Is my kitchen team doing something that’s creating an issue?  Each of those can be addressed more easily than a Friday night emergency service call in the middle of a dinner rush.

- Steve B, Lock 27 Brewing


AWS Services used include AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN, AWS Lambda, AWS Amplify, Amazon RDS, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Route 53, Amazon ECS, and more. For additional information including architecture, click here.

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