Delivering labor savings and peace of mind to Chick-fil-A Hollywood restaurants

Success Story
June 29, 2022
Delivering labor savings and peace of mind to Chick-fil-A Hollywood restaurants

"The pandemic created stressors at every stage of the process, from labor to supply chain. We were stretched thin in juggling the complexities of running a restaurant in the middle of a crisis.

ConnectedFresh helped us win back that time, automating food safety processes to allow us to focus first and foremost on our guests and then our team. While we are moving out of crisis, ConnectedFresh’s  solutions will remain a critical component of our restaurants. We didn't know what we didn't know; just how much of a benefit they would be to our time and energy until we had them in place."

- Caleb G, Chick-fil-A Hollywood


The Chick-fil-A Hollywood team manages many successful CFA locations, but the Covid-19 crisis created systemic stressors that challenged previous norms. More than ever, drive-through demand was surging and guest experiences took additional time due to local required precautions, all while labor was becoming increasingly scarce.

The team had a temperature monitoring system in place, but there were many issues including unscheduled downtime and frequent required battery changes. This system that was supposed to save the company time quickly became a headache, one more thing to manage and monitor, and ultimately it did not meet their notification needs.


ConnectedFresh implemented a temperature monitoring solution, delivering immediate alerts if something was out of range so the team could fix it before it became a problem. Escalation paths were set up to deliver proper notifications via Slack, SMS, email, and voice calls.

To compare to their existing solution, a Pilot was started with their other system still in place. After some testing, the CFA team was very impressed by the difference of functionality, ease of setup and use, compatibility, and battery life. Years later, sensors are still reporting with >90% battery life. ConnectedFresh then became the standard temperature monitoring tool for all of their equipment and locations.

Built on AWS, the ConnectedFresh team used advanced services to deliver agile solutions to hospitality customers, including this temperature monitoring use case.

The CFA team became great partners in continuously building the product to be better than it was the day before. If there was an integration that could help them even more (i.e. Slack notifications for their entire team), ConnectedFresh built it. If they had an idea that didn't yet exist, ConnectedFresh added it to the backlog for future development.


The Chick-fil-A Hollywood team (in addition to many other CFA teams) immediately saw results. Savings due to labor productivity near $60,000 and savings of potential losses of product are measured in tens of thousands of dollars, including a few incidents that directly saved almost $20,000.


AWS Services used include AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN, AWS Lambda, AWS Amplify, Amazon RDS, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Route 53, Amazon ECS, and more. For additional information including architecture, click here.

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