El Rancho Market partners with ConnectedFresh for Temperature Monitoring Solution

Success Story
January 3, 2023


El Rancho Market is a local market in Solvang, California, that has been serving the community since 1965. It offers a full-service deli, meat counter, specialty wines and cheeses, unique gifts, and more. To ensure the quality and safety of the products stored in their refrigerators, El Rancho Market partnered with ConnectedFresh to implement temperature monitoring solutions for their refrigerators.


Before partnering with ConnectedFresh, El Rancho Market faced several challenges in maintaining the quality of their products stored in their refrigerators. They had traditional temperature monitoring solutions, which required manual recording of temperature readings and were prone to human error. This often led to discrepancies in temperature readings and caused spoilage of products. It also did not alert them to potential mechanical issues that could impact food quality.


To overcome these challenges, El Rancho Market decided to implement a modern temperature monitoring solution by partnering with ConnectedFresh. ConnectedFresh provided wireless sensors, cloud-based software, and real-time alerts to monitor the temperature of their refrigerators continuously.

The installation process was simple, and ConnectedFresh provided training and support to ensure the successful implementation of the system. The wireless sensors were placed inside the refrigerators, and the data was transmitted to the cloud, which provided real-time temperature readings and alerts.


The implementation of ConnectedFresh's temperature monitoring solution provided several benefits to El Rancho Market. The system ensured that the temperature inside the refrigerators was continuously monitored, which reduced the risk of product spoilage. This helped El Rancho Market to reduce food waste and save money. The real-time alerts provided by the system allowed the staff to take immediate action if the temperature reached an undesirable range. This helped to maintain the quality and safety of the products stored in the refrigerators.


El Rancho Market gave positive feedback on the implementation of ConnectedFresh's temperature monitoring solution. The staff found the system easy to use and appreciated the real-time alerts that allowed them to take immediate action in case of any issues. They also appreciated the support and training provided by ConnectedFresh during the implementation process.


The implementation of ConnectedFresh's temperature monitoring solution helped El Rancho Market to improve the efficiency of their refrigeration, reduce food waste, and save money. The continuous temperature monitoring provided by the system ensured the quality and safety of the products stored in the refrigerators. The success of this partnership demonstrates the importance of modern temperature monitoring solutions in maintaining the quality and safety of products stored in refrigerators.


AWS Services used include AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN, AWS Lambda, AWS Amplify, Amazon RDS, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Route 53, Amazon ECS, and more. For additional information including architecture, click here.

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