Monitoring temperature for warehouse teams and server rooms for Lunada Bay Tile

Success Story
June 15, 2022


In the summer, warehouse temperatures can rise quickly, and high temperatures can become uncomfortable for warehouse teams and cause manufacturing issues for products. In this heat, crucial servers can overheat and fail, halting the LBT operations and warehouse teams productivity.

With such a large warehouse, it's common for some areas to become hotter than others throughout the day and season, making it difficult for the LBT leadership to ensure that everyone is working in an optimal environment. It was an extremely manual guessing game, requiring supervision and resources to make sure things were running smoothly, thus taking time away from other critical business functions.


ConnectedFresh deployed small temperature and humidity sensors strategically placed around the warehouses and server rooms, delivering immediate alerts to the correct teams if an area was approaching or sustaining a high temperature. They also had access to historical records and trends to understand how exactly the outside heat and humidity was affecting these functions.

Now, the LBT team can continue focusing on their most important work: delivering incredible product to their customers while focusing on their people. Using advanced technical services, ConnectedFresh leverages the AWS cloud to provide impact-driven insights to LBT. With these agile services, ConnectedFresh is constantly delivering new features and capabilities to enhance the product experience.

"Our teams' comfort and our equipment uptime is crucial to the success of our business. With ConnectedFresh, we can go about our day knowing that systems are in place to keep our operations running smoothly, day and night.

ConnectedFresh has even been able to tell us that we were experiencing a power outage overnight, allowing us to react quickly to limit the downtime while utility teams fixed the issues."

- Mark S, Lunada Bay Tile


AWS Services used include AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN, AWS Lambda, AWS Amplify, Amazon RDS, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Route 53, Amazon ECS, and more. For additional information including architecture, click here.

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